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    Winter 2020
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Be J. Birza was born on 8 January 1940 and works as a visual artist in Deventer, NL.

The artist likes to work cyclically or in series. In a series of book objects (soon to be seen in a separate exhibition of museum CODA in Amersfoort) he pays tribute to many different artists.

He tempers his emotional involvement by, among other things, extremely reserved use of color. Soil colors and sand colors are his favorites. The artist often uses acids and other substances that cause aging processes. Chemical reactions bring about oxidation, weathering and discolouration and thus reinforce the suggestion of impermanence.

Be J. Birza effortlessly succeeds in convincingly highlighting the expressiveness of 'poor art' years after the heyday of "Arte Povera". He underlines that the history of worn-out things always remains interesting and in fact is not subject to dating or erosion.

His work has been shown in many exhibitions and museums and has been frequently purchased by both private individuals and companies.

Kimono, 2018

  • Duigen (inside) Inside view of part of an old water cask. Mixed media. 395 euro
  • Kimono 2018 Kimono. Mixed media. 2018 295 euro
  • Duigen (outside view) Outside view of "Duigen", part of a water cask 395 euro