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    Winter 2020
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Jeroen H

Jeroen (Jerome) is the co-founder of Spright-Art. Besides working as gallery director, he also makes time for his own work as potter. His work ranges from classic forms with special (often crystal) glazes to more experimental expressions. Even is the work seems to be made of other materials (wood, ready-made materials, foam ans plastics) clay can always be found somewhere within (or outside) the work.His work is inspired by classic earthenware and functional pottery.

His pottery work is defined by different kinds of clay, depending on the expression he wants to give the form he is working on. He likes to play with the tension of opposites, using more masculine clay like rough grog for so called finer forms (small urns and delicate vases for example), while using porcelain with forms usually associated with earthenware (like very large pots). All of his work is thrown in one session and from one piece of clay. His glazes are all self-made and often applied (or fired) in multiple layers.

He is also responsible for the Zen stories on our site.

He is currently exhibiting his work in The Hague and Rotterdam

All the works have been made by hand, from one piece and using raw materials for (self made) glaze recipes.


"Alas" : stoneware amphora

  • "Nostalgia" SOLD Earthenware with slip. 25 x 20. Manganese and iron glazing. Poem by artist on hand-made paper is included. 750 euro
  • Amphora SOLD Red stoneware. Thinly pulled. White crackle slip under iron glaze. 375 euro
  • Lidded "Box" SOLD Large stoneware "tea box" with slip decoration and butterfly effects. 30 x 35 cm. 650 euro
  • Large water jug SOLD Stoneware pulled very thin (low weight jug). Grey stain slip under blue jade glaze. 500 euro