• Spatial Art

    Winter 2020
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Language - Taal - Lingua

Lieuwke Loth (1977) went to the Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague. After her art studies, she focused on spatial work and the old craft of bronze casting. Lieuwke: "Images are really tangible when working in bronze, they get their own soul and personality. I find it very special to practice a profession that already existed many centuries ago. In bronze casting, earth, air, fire and water are all indispensable elements. These elements also play an important role in my three-dimensional and two-dimensional work. "

"Smile for life"

The life wisdom that Lieuwke finds in other cultures that are close to nature inspires her. "You can experience inspiration and dedication in their objects, rituals and customs." Lieuwke is very aware of the connection between man and nature, which can also be found in her work. Another theme in her work is the balance between male and female energy and the issue of contact between men and women. Through her intuitive and associative method, playful, imaginative images are created. Many works are ethnic and mythical in nature and radiate both tenderness and power.

Powerful lines and clear use of color are characteristic of her two-dimensional work. Playing with color and allowing the energy to flow is what she is guided by. She works quite intuitively during this creative process. She looks for harmony between colours and shapes while working with the movement in the three dimensional plane. In recent years she has been inspired by the energy of the country she is residing in, for example works have been created in Uzbekistan, Thailand, Turkey and Spain.

Lieuwke enjoys the movement, lightness and brightness of colours. Lieuwke: "It would be nice if spectators can experience something of the energy that manifests itself by way of the images on paper."



  • "Surrender" Bronze 112 x 75 x 50 One of eight 900 euro
  • Never-Alone Bronze. 28 x 22 x 17 cm 750 euro
  • Fishman Bronze 90 x 85 x 40 Nr. 3 of eight. 6.900 euro SOLD