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    Winter 2020
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We are pleased to introduce the Maltese artist Dominique Ciancio on Spright-Art.

Dominique was born in Malta and grew up in the family’s home in Sliema. It was during this formative period that he became acquainted with the vivid dramatic canvases of the old masters. In 2004 he earned a degree in History of Art from the University of Malta as well as a four year Diploma in Fine Arts, from the School of Art in Valletta. After that he traveled extensively within Europe.

Currently he has been presenting his paintings internationally, where his artwork has now reached private collections from America to Asia. He stretches and prepares his canvases and uses acquaintances as models. He purposely uses these methods to give a certain crust to his paintings: a surface that transcends reality.

Never ceasing to learn, he buys and mixes his own quality pigments from the paint mill "De Kat" in The Netherlands. De Kat was first constructed on Kalverringdijk between 1646 and 1696 and now creates pigments for traditional paint production from raw materials. "Each painting can be a tiny window into an open universe," he says. Accordingly, just as colors are laid down on a palette and then mixed, Ciancio brings forth all his diverse interests and blends them to craft a visual poetry about life's own experiences.

New works (see example) of his will be exhibited from March 2018 - June 2018.


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