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Language - Taal - Lingua



Freedom, is what I am looking for

Playing hide and seek

What starts as a free fall

Is caught in colors

Even matter does not let go


It forces me in a direction

I follow submissively

supplying a helping hand

tearing paper, dropping glue


The choice of materials is indefinite

Often found and rarely sought

Saved and forgotten


Subjects are unlimited

They pop up

And dance like butterflies

Before my mind's eye

A humanity adrift

Lives messed up


From inside out,

to our own world


Out of the chaos

I gradually see a line,

a knot,

to be unraveled


I keep on staring

As a fisherman

Following his float

Closed off

to the world outside


Taking time

To search for what is missing

The perfect fit


Piece by piece

A new whole is created

From the inland waters

From separate fragments

Another life arises

Of meaning

Lusting for light


  © FR, Spright-Art