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Language - Taal - Lingua


Finished, complete,
Faultless body,
Smooth and rounded
Pristine and flush
Wonderful whole
A life
Full wonder

Finished, successful
Free of hassle
All in due time
Your heart's desire
Everything you could dream of
Utterly content
Blotchy, dark and white
Lines and fractures
Weathered and adorned
Scars of life
Piercings and tattoos
Stretched and scoured
with wilted dreams 
Desiccated skin and orphaned hair
Bald spots
A body full of life
A living illustration
Parts united
Ruins of an eroded youth
Icons of attrition
Collages of a distant past
Broken and restored
Damaged and obsolete
Exhausted and decrepit
Once a whole
Lives full of meaning
By trial and error
False hopes and ditto dreams
Endlessly remodelled and repaired
Restored and preserved 
Against the ravages of time
Meaningless life
Life and body
irreplaceable artworks
Perfect compositions
Layered meanings
Far away vistas and past tenses 
Shifting and false perspectives
Hidden and cherished dreams
Shade filled valleys
Illuminated moments
A perfect equilibrium
Beautiful pieces conserved
Stiff canvas put aside

Vulnerable scraps
And soft threads
Towards a gratifying life
Full of grace


© FR, Spright-Art