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Today I am looking for an answer
I want to know what I should do with my life
Which way to go?

Circumstance has been dictating my course forever
Nudging me to follow my family or my friends
Letting others persuade me into following a well-trod path

What is keeping me wrapped up?
It must be the fear of going
One’s way
Devoid of memories and voices from the past
Clear of intoxication

So who is keeping me from balancing on the razor’s edge?
Is it the orator in my head?
The speaker for the dead?
Oh no, I’ll never get him to stop talking!


Let him talk
Let him create
Let him flow as a river through the empty fields of being

Thoughts are like gusts of wind rushing through the branches of a tree
Do the leaves hang on to the passing air?
What need then, for me, to grasp the meaningless?

Fish gliding lazily
 through the murky glass
Stiff, dry seaweed crackling
In the willful breeze
A bright, white cloud
Imparts the gift of shade
A refuge from the summer sun

© JH, Spright-Art

Author's comment

  • I wrote this after a long session with a client. The sadness and suffering he had been going through for such a long time sparked an old dialogue. Maybe one of the oldest dialogues around! What am I doing here? Why is this happening to me? Am I doing the right things or not? Etcetera, etcetera. I guess the trick is to stay in the moment and in the feelings they initiate without identifying with them. I know it doesn't bring instant relief, but seeking knowledge in order to answer these fundamental questions (and staying the course) is the first real step towards freedom. Understanding follows. And after that you can collect your courage in order to jump off the proverbial deep end. Why? To realize that what you've been looking for was there all along! Like the man who, late at night, lost his way home in the fog and fell asleep on the steps of an unknown house while waiting for the fog to clear. When he woke up he looked up and realized he had been sleeping outside of his own front door!
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