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Being loyal
What does it mean?
Drowning together instead of alone?
Choosing to follow instead of to lead?

Is it a safe harbour in which to linger 
while the tempest vents its rage?
Or a currency we need in order to pay off our debt?

The child’s loyalty to it's parents remains
Regardless of love, loneliness, conceit or indifference

But what to do when choice rears its head once again?
Daring us to follow the voice of the unheard?

Strange, isn’t it
 that loyalty to family so often 
seems more important than loyalty to self?

Preoccupied with others, we disown ourselves
Running here, stopping there
The light slowly dims and the long shadows dance

Wake up!
There are no others
Nothing there in the first place
So stop this foolishness
And revoke your fear of isolation
That tempting voice of separation!

The dragon sleeps under the surface of the mountain lake
The sea a distant memory
The sky a nourishing hope

© JH, Spright-Art