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  • I think the words of this piece speak for themselves. If you're looking for inspiring and love-filled Zen poems, you should take a look at the poems of Ryōkan. In his late sixties he became infirm and had to be cared for by the beautiful young nun Teishin. They fell in love with each other and exchanged many lively poems. Another Zen monk with a reputation for (erotic) love poems was Ikkyu.
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Language - Taal - Lingua


Perhaps one day we will meet
In the sweet wetness of the moment

Our bodies hearing
Before we do
The song of our merging

 My confinement fuses with yours
And surrenders
To the infinite expanse
Of the void

 Drifting on the smile I feel
Deep within you
I rest


Until the dissolution of self
Whisks me away
Into the star filled night of the wordless

© JH, Spright-Art


  • "Day and night I cannot keep you out of my thoughts. In the darkness, on an empty bed, the longing deepens. I dream of us joining hands, exchanging words of love. But then the dawn bell shatters my reverie and rends my heart."
    Zen Poems of Ikkyu, translated by Jon Stevens © 2003
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  • "Chanting old poems - making our own verses - playing with a cloth ball. Together in the fields - two people, one heart. The breeze is fresh. The moon so bright - together - let's dance until dawn, as a farewell to my old age."
    Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf", Zen poems of Ryōkan; J.Stevens, Shambhala, 2012
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