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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of text that a website asks your browser to store. All cookies have expiration dates in them that determine how long they stay in your browser. Cookies can be removed in two ways: (1) automatically, when they expire, and (2) manually, by deleting them.

Does Spright-Art use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies to make our website work more effectively. We use them to monitor visitor interactions while on our website. They are used to collect information such as what time the current visit occurred, whether the visitor has been to the site before, what site referred the visitor to the web page etc. It allows us to discover what information or pages on our website interests you most. We use this information purely to improve our website. 

Do any of the cookies that Spright-Art uses contain my personal information?

No, all the data contained in the cookies that we use is completely anonymous and doesn’t contain any personal information.

Will the site work if I disable cookies?

Yes, you can fully explore Spright-Art with cookies disabled, but some site functions may not work.

Now you know we use cookies, by continuing to use our website we accept that you agree to us placing these types of cookies on your PC or device.

If you are not comfortable with cookies, you can disable them via your Internet Browser.  However, you may find that if you just disable ‘all’ cookies it may prevent you from browsing some parts of the internet.